Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 25 Adios Hija February 1, 2016

Hna Sosa, Hna Bobbio (member), Marylin (Hna Aidas Daughter) and Hna Arce!!
This week started out with picking up my "hija" and saying goodbye to Hermana Arce.

My Hija is Hermana Sosa! She is from moquegua which is the very southern part of Peru. She is 23 years old and has two younger siblings. Her and her sister are the only members of her family. She is a little bit on the quiet side but is very sweet and thinks that I am the funniest person in the world! (how flattering) (:

After picking her up from the mission home on Tuesday I got permission from President to go and say goodbye to hermana Arce. That was rough! At the very last minute an office elder started ushering her out the door to her plane. She hugged the two members and then started running out. I panicked and yelled WAIT HERMANA ARCE and ran to her. That's when I hugged her and totally started to bawl. It probably had to do with the fact that I absolutely love her and I started thinking "When will I ever see her again? She lives in Paraguay!" So off she went and it took me about 10 minutes to get back to normal. I told President that I'll be going to Paraguay one day! Who wants to come with me? (:
I love Hna Arce con todo mi corazón!
This week I learned a lot! First off, super awesome Hermano Manuel moved to Tumbes for work.... 6 hours away. There wasn't even enough time for me to ask him his new address to hand off to the missionaries up there. Hopefully he goes looking for the church! Hermana Maritza our other awesome investigator just moved as well... But for the good news little Hermano Marcos will finally be getting baptized this next Saturday. Yeah!!!
Chilis!! Trying to get a little taste of America and it's always good to see Hna Spainhower. She is the best!
The day after I picked Hermana Sosa up we started studying in the morning. She then started to cry and basically expressed to me that she didn't want to be serving a mission. I was a little bit shocked and tried to comfort her in whatever way I could and told her that with time it gets easier. But everywhere we went she continued to tell me how much she didn't want to be here. I was super patient and tried to talk her through all of her feelings. After this went on for a little while I sat down with her and basically told her that she should make a decision. I told her that living the life as a missionary is not fun, it is very hard. We can't fully serve a mission in the way that we need to if we have one foot in the mission and one foot at home. Like my mom always tells me, "Jump in with BOTH feet!!" So Hermana Sosa has made the decision to go home. It's a little bit sad and disappointing but I know that she has some other things she needs to do at home. For the rest of this transfer I will be getting a mini missionary who is from Paita. I am a little nervous but still excited! This week I learned a lot of patience. I learned to be a little bit more understanding and sensitive to other people's circumstances. I've learned to trust myself more as a missionary and that my Spanish is a lot better than I think it is! I've learned to Replace Fear with Faith!

I miss you all so much!
Love, Hermana Ingram
I asked the maintenance guy to be in the picture with us (: I'm glad that Hermana Sosa had a fun week as a missionary, she definitely thinks my facial expressions are hilarious.
Right through Piura is this big river with a bunch of bridges that go across it. Sometimes I like to imagine I'm in Portland strolling the streets with Grandma (;
The shrine of Señior Cautivo! The catholics LOVE Señior Cautivo. Here, every morning, they gather and pray to him.

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