Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 26 Six Months!!! February 8, 2016

In Los Ficus (the hermana's area) there is a member who raises guinea pigs to sell to hungry customers! Yum!
Last week was a little bit crazy but super fun! On Tuesday I dropped Hermana Sosa off at the airport. She was a little bit sad but more excited so it was good. We had a good short week together (: I was told that my mini missionary wouldn't be ready until Saturday so I was able to stay with Hermana Sandison and Hermana Mitchell for 4 days!! I called it "vacaciones" because it really did feel like a vacation. We were such a happy little trio and I haven't laughed so much since I was with Hermana Arce. Super fun and way too short. Even amongst all of the fun we had the most amazing lessons!
I had the best time hanging out with Hna Mitchell (St George) and Hna Sandison (Twin Falls)
On Wednesday we stopped by to visit a 14 yr old recent convert named Jose. During the lesson we talked about the priesthood. At one point as we were talking he asked us, "Well why can't girls have the priesthood?" So we started helping him with his question. As we were talking you could tell he was a little bit confused. Hermana Sandison bore her testimony and it was like a light bulb went off in his head. His entire expression completely changed and his eyes were full of tears. Then he told us that as we were teaching him he started to have a lot of doubts. He questioned in his mind whether or not this really is the true church of Jesus Christ. So he said a little prayer in his mind and then felt something enter into his head and travel down into his heart. In that moment he knew without a single doubt that this is the true church! How amazing! I especially love being a missionary and knowing that I will never need to convince anyone, I don't need a perfect doctrinal knowledge or the ability to recite scriptures. We as missionaries bring this information into peoples lives and then leave a very simple invitation. Ask Heavenly Father directly. Its so simple. I have such a strong testimony that God answers prayers through the Holy Ghost. What a relief on my part (:
My comp (mini) Hna Mauricio (Peru)
Saturday morning I picked up my mini missionary Hermana Mauricio. A mini missionary is a member from a ward or branch in the mission who comes and serves as a missionary for a short amount of time. It's pretty scary and overwhelming having to direct the area but I will definitely be growing this next month. Hermana Mauricio is great! She loves to work so I am grateful. The best news is that we will be baptizing Marcos this week! Super exciting!

Hermana Ingram
The District, Elder Norman who is from my group is the district leader! Still as funny as ever.
My comp, Hna Dionicio (Cali) and Elder Lara (Colombia)
Lunch...if I were at home I would have taken one look at those hot dogs and thrown them out...but since we are in Peru they are delicious! ;)
Leaving the beach...
Had to get a selfie with President ;)
After a long day of hard work...and being with gringas for the first time on my mission...we celebrated with pizza!

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