Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 27 A Baptism!! February 15, 2016

CAJAMARCA! In Peru there is a place called Cajamarca where all of the white Peruvians live. Apparently they wear hats like this one and do their hair in braids. Hna Bobbio, in her motherly ways, told me I needed to wear a hat because of how strong the sun is lately. I was definitely considering but I don't want people thinking I'm a testigo! (Jehovahs witness) They wear hats and carry umbrellas... So Hno David stuck the Trujillo temple on there, good to go!
What a week!

The morning of his baptism I got a call from his mom Marcela. My stomach dropped when she told us that we couldn't baptize her son. I told her okay and that we would call it off. When I hung up I immediately started praying! I called Hna Aida for advice (shes an angel) She told me to wait a little while and then call Marcel back. So that's what I did. When I called Marcela back her brother answered and told me that she was outside of the house talking with William (Marco's dad). So I hung up and long story short we had the baptism!!
Yay Marcos at his baptism!! What a happy day (:
Bad news: It was a rough week! I felt like no one would listen to us, almost all of our lessons fell through. I was honestly amazed at how many things weren't working out. On Wednesday I was really having a rough time. After yet another lesson fell through I was walking down the street feeling sorry for myself. I especially hate feeling sorry for myself when I see what other people have to go through around me. Their trials are unbelievable! So I said a prayer. I'm not even sure what i prayed for exactly. 5 minutes later we passed by a woman and two young girls. The woman didn't look too good, her eyes were all swollen from crying. As I kept walking I could not shake the thought of her out of my head. So finally I knew I needed to go back. So I told my companion we should go see what was wrong. By the time we came back the woman had walked away from the girls still crying. I first approached the girls and asked them if there was anything we could do to help. They stood there and stared at me and then proceeded to whisper into each other's ears. So I left and walked up to the lady. We asked her if we could give her a hug, as odd as it may sound. When I hugged her she bawled like a little kid. So there I was on a street corner hugging a random stranger who was sobbing. When she finally came to herself she told us that she traveled a long way to see her daughters and that they wanted nothing to do with her. When she said that I started to cry too! In my head I was thinking "Oh the things I would do just to see my mom for even 5 minutes!" Seriously! I was almost mad at those girls! We talked to her for a little while and I even shared my testimony with her.
I was grateful that I got the chance to help someone even if it was through a hug. Small and simple things can make a difference too (:

I sure miss my family! Especially my mom (:
Praying this week we will have a lot more lessons and find some people who are ready to receive the restored gospel!!
Hermana Ingram
Hermanas! (: Hna Atencio (Ecuador.. I think) Hna Sepulveda (Mapleton!) Hna Thomas (Ogden) Hna Mauricio (Paita) Hna Spainhower (Payson!) and the always lovely Hna Rasmussen!
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