Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week 28 At least she sent pictures... February 22, 2016

This is the extent of Hermana Ingram's letter this week:

I don't have any time! But the good news is that our old investigator Manuel is back and he will be getting baptized March 5th!
Somebody send me some snow it is as hot as hates here and I'm cooking!
Sorry mom I'll prepare a super awesome email next week I promise...
Our missionary work activity. Everyone wrote what they're grateful for. Manuel (our investigator) is on the bottom row second from the left!
My comp and I.
The district at the new casa capilla in Tambogrande
Hermana Shumway is the greatest! She's going home this transfer. 
Oh Hermana Aida is an angel
Even though my face is hideous, I just had to take a selfie while this man told us we were doing the devil's work. 
Making cookies with Hermana Rasmussen, so fun!
The food at Hermana training...
How funny! Elder Simmons with Hermana Sullon, Hermana Aida Sullon and I (:
The old trio!!!

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