Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 24 I'm training! January 25, 2016

My Latina compañeras 9: The greatest! (after our training broadcast)
This week was a speedy one!

During the very first few weeks in my area Miguel Grau, Hermana Arce talked about an awesome investigator named Manuel. They had taught him two times and he came to church twice and even accepted a baptismal date! Once I got there he completely disappeared. His sister told us that he moved to Paita for a while to work. He is an alcoholic and sincerely wanted change in his life. During my entire time here we never saw him, until last week. As we were walking down his street on our way to a lesson we passed by his house and his front door opened and there he was! He asked us immediately when we could come and visit him, his lesson is tonight. We invited him to a stake baptismal service that same night to come and see the baptisms. After the service, we sat waiting for the closing hymn to begin. He turned to us and said "Hermanas, the other day I was inside my house praying and asking God to know which church was His church. Then I opened the door and there you were! I want to get baptized. When can I get baptized?" I was a little bit in shock but I bore testimony to him that God was giving him his answer and we placed a date for the 27th of February. It was the first time that an investigator has told me that they know that the church is true. It was surreal! The real challenge is his addiction but I know that if he has a real desire and faith, NOTHING is impossible.
After the stake baptismal service
It was Hermana Arce's very last week in her mission and it was a little bit sad. She was tough through it but occasionally she laid on the floor to have a little cry. Poor thing. Hermana Arce left on her mission in December of 2013 but after serving 11 months she had a seizure due to epilepsy and was sent home. After 5 months of taking care of her siblings while her mom battled cancer, she made it back out on the mission to finish up what she started. Boy am I grateful for her and for her example and testimony. She is going to be a strong member of the church for the rest of her life.
So sad because she's leaving :(
(if you know Hannah, you'll recognize this face as one that is holding back tears)
I won't know who my new companion is until tomorrow,  but I'm going to train a new missionary!!! 4 new hermanas are coming and they're all Latinas. I'm terrified but excited to be senior comp and to teach someone.

After Hermana Arce's very last interview with President I was called into his office. President then told me that he felt that I was ready to train. I have to admit I was trying to hide a smile. I'm super excited! There will be 4 new Latina hermanas coming this transfer and one of them will be my "hija." I am also completely terrified and overwhelmed. As a trainer you set a precedent for the rest of the new missionary's mission. You also do almost everything by yourself for quite a while. I'm excited and anxious for the challenge.

And just a heads up...I know this is going to be super hard so I'll probably need a lot of spiritual support. (aka.....please include Hannah in your prayers)

I have to go now, I love you!
We were able to travel to Talara (area by the ocean) so that she could say goodbye to some members
For a second there I thought I was out road tripping in Southern Utah!
With Hermana Babbio and her husband Julio. They are so fun!
Hermana Aida is such a kid at heart! Playing pranks on the elders.
The very last puppy, Pamela (:
Stinky missionary feet! With some pretty intense tan lines and the very last bit of my last pedicure in the states!

Going to miss my companion soooooo much!!!

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