Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 68 #LIGHTTHEWORLD November 28, 2016

With the Elder's investigators 


This is the title for this years new Christmas Initiative! Stay tuned... (or if you don't want to read all of this then at least skip to the end so you can start the initiative (:

My comp and I came across a cute tiny little 90 yr old lady. She kept looking at the both of us, and thinking we were literally sisters said, "One came out like the mom and one came out like the dad!" haha ummm... that's how that works?

Zona Talara with Elder Montoya 

This week was a little different from the rest because Elder Montoya from the First Quorum of The Seventy paid us a little visit. He is awesome.

First we traveled down to Piura for a leadership meeting. I got to stay the night with some of my favorites! Hermana Macrae and Hermana Sandison! (forgot to snap a pic.. darn) The following morning we met with Elder Montoya for a leadership counsel. Here are a few things he taught us:

To expound on this point further he then acted out a scenario from his own mission.
Him and his companion knocking a door (in this case Elder Norman)
man answers door
Elder Norman drops to the ground and begins pounding out push-ups
Elder Montoya greets the man: "Good afternoon sir, we are missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we would like to share a message with you about how you can come closer to Christ and better your physical health, it's called the word of wisdom, may we come in?"
Man looking confused yet intrigued- "sure"
Elder Montoya helps his comp up and they walk inside, one a little sweatier than the other. Be bold!

"This small action can help those who are overwhelmed or burdened."
"The smile conveys: trustfulness, kindness, welfare, encouragement, incentive, hope, friendship, sympathy, solace, love, acceptance and many other spiritual gifts."
Smile at everyone! Be a happy person! Be a remarkable person!

3 hour combo ride with the whole zone 

Thursday morning bright and early the 14 of us in the Talara zone rode a combi through the windy desert road up to Tumbes for our conference with Elder Montoya where we were able to hear more awesome counsel.

He told us of his own mission president, Elder Dickson, an emeritus general authority. He has his right arm missing from the elbow down. As a young man he knew he needed to serve a mission and wanted to very badly. Just before he was to leave doctors discovered cancer in his hand, they informed him that he would no longer be able to go but needed to stay and do chemotherapy. He wept as he told his father of his current dilemma. Through his tears he looked at his father and said, "I know what I need to do." He returned to the hospital and asked, "how much of my arm would you have to take off to ensure that the cancer is 100% gone?" the doctor told him up to his elbow, he replied "cut it off." Elder Montoya expressed his love for his mission president, he told us that this is an eternal relationship. I am so happy President Rasmussen is my mission president!

Near the end of his talk Elder Montoya was sharing/imitating an experience with Elder Holland. He asked all of the missionaries who would be ending their missions in the present or following transfers to stand. I found a part of me telling my muscles to kick into gear and get on my feet while another part of me fought back saying, "No! Its not time yet! Sit down! Is this real? Do I really just have 1 transfer left?" He looked at us and said, "sometimes missionaries going home think they will go home to their ´real life´ where they will continue on where they left off." Then in his best Holland impression with all of the emotion he could render, slammed his fist down on the pulpit and said, "YOU CAN'T GO BACK!"

Well Elder Montoya if I could have responded to you personally I would have said, "I won't go back! Not ever." I have changed a lot and I like those changes. There is only moving forward. I know Heavenly Father will help me meet my goals and continue on the path of progression.

Quick points from the week:
-poor Hna Sepulveda was feeling a little nauseous during the conference, towards the end she ran out and made it to the bathroom just in time as her stomach decided it needed to shove all of its contents upward.
-Hna Rasmussen approved Christmas music for the ride home with just one exception, that we all sing along. 3 wonderful hours of the Michael Buble Christmas album. My poor companion turned to me, asked for a plastic bag, puked several times, tied it off, threw it out the window (no other option) and continued as if nothing had happen. Who is more macha than that?!
-Toni has now blessed the sacrament twice! He is doing awesome
-Juli and Jesus went out of town for an emergency family issue. we haven't seen them for a week. Jesus, however, did send a message to the Rosalez family saying that while all of his family members were drinking he instead drank about two liters of soda... haha.. MIRACLES!
-Antonio is getting baptized this week! yay!

This year's Christmas Initiative is awesome. Jesus Christ is the light and life of the world. This year we are invited to light the world through following his example and serving others!
Go to and watch the video. Then print off the service advent calendar, or download the app, and start serving! I promise you that if you take time to do one act of service each day of December through this initiative, you will remember why we celebrate Christmas, you will feel the joy that comes from service, and you will feel the Savior's love and be happier! "Those who bring (light) into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves" So be a light!

Love, Hermana Ingram

Peruvian driving at its finest! Use the left lane as you please....head-on collisions? 

My sick comp sleeping and the rice fields out the window 

Hermana Susanna's daughter from Lima 

Branch mission night. We set up a massive chair maze and blind folded people to be guided through it, listen to the prophet's voice! 

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