Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 67 What Are YOU Thankful For? November 21, 2016

This is the furthest point west in all of South America
Buenas Tardes friends and family!

Shout out to Elder Sheanshang's mom for sending him a baseball after hearing about Elder Obrien's little accident with the last one..... I got a good laugh out of Elder Sheanshang, "My mom sent me a baseball but it's actually for you I think." (:

Can you believe Thanksgiving is already here? I remember receiving emails about last year's like it was yesterday. Time flies at the speed of sound or something.

I think this is probably the most insulting, yet hilarious, question Peruvians ask the Gringos who are struggling with Spanish: "Is it that hard for you to speak English too?"... think about it, a gringo tripping over his Spanish words and then a Latin asking him if he even knows how to speak at all!
I spy with my little egg carton, a flat soccer ball, and the letter N
Peruvian Table Manners: NEVER SAY NO, Don't leave even a grain of rice on your plate, don't start eating until they say "Servidos", if you take a break from shoving food into your mouth you will get yelled at-"Sirvese!" "keep eating!"-and finally, if you really want to impress the host, get your hands involved- to them this says that the food is so good you don't even have the patience to use a fork and knife. Top it off by licking your fingers (gross I know) and Voila! You will now get invited back.

We went 3 days without water this week... After day 2 of anxiously checking the faucets we decided we had had enough and grabbed 4 empty water jugs, called a moto, and filled them up in the janitor's closet at the church. Two to shower, one to wash the enormous pile of dishes, and one to flush the toilet, (we had to go to the grocery store to use their bathroom) When the water finally arrived we were so happy until almost immediately after, all of the electricity went out... You just can't have the best of both worlds can you?! I choose water over electricity any day...
Hitching a ride back to town with the district.
Happy Thanksgiving! Last night as I was getting ready for bed thinking about the past week, month, 20 years of my whole life, I couldn't help but feel grateful. I am SO happy! I'm almost hesitant to say it as I am haunted by a comment made by my charmingly optimistic hermana leader of yestercambio, "That's great that everything is going so perfect for you Hermana Ingram, but remember Heavenly Father puts us on highs to prepare us for the upcoming lows." (yes, she really did say that) well come what may! But for now I think I'll enjoy my current joy and continue feeling grateful as I think of the numberless blessings I've received at the hand of my Heavenly Father. I'm so grateful he has constantly guided me and allowed me to be a missionary at this time. I've learned and grown so much. (Don't worry I've still got a long long ways to go) I am thankful for; running water, electricity, Hna Susanna, emails from those I love each pday, friends, amazing companions, my mom, my dad (no that was not in any particular order:)) my siblings, Luisaac for letting me shove my food on his plate when no one is looking, MY SAVIOR, the cool ocean breeze in Talara, a good book, the noisy neighbors for helping me feel that much more grateful for silence, Spanish, the gospel, President and Hermana Rasmussen, General Conference Talks, my investigators and converts, the Scriptures, those mini bananas that taste like candy, divine help and guidance, Mormon messages, the juice shop, the members, opportunities to serve, my planner, my ukulele, morning exercises, and that one lady that sells bread every morning at 6am outside our window "EL PAN! EL PAN! EL PAN! EL PAN!" name but a few.....

Now I just have one question: What are YOU thankful for?

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ingram
Cute little birthday princess! (Toni's little sister) It's always awkward getting invited to birthday parties because they blast the worst music...
 Oops...we liked our pensionista...(too much walking)
Juan Pablo (the Colombian) was punished for not reading his scriptures... (we took away his phone and made him read a chapter and then tell us what he learned and how he can apply it to his life)
How adorable is Sofia?! (Juan Pablo's little sister)
P-day beach walks...the Elders are always leaving us (;
We made it!
Peru Piura Mission in one picture...Dirt, and a Mototaxi...classic

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