Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 64 Happy Halloween! October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

It's not often that a holiday just happens to fall on our only free day of the week, so of course we had to take advantage of it! Hna Sepulveda and I rented cute little Peruvian costumes and have been sporting them all day and enjoying every weird look we receive.

*brainstorming on what to do for Halloween with the district*
my comp: "too bad they don't have haunted houses here..."
Elder Wilde: "I know! We could just go take a walk down a street in San Pedro." (dangerous part)
Me. "Perfect, the knives are real, the dogs will bite, and get this?! You don't even have to sign a waiver or pay a fee!"
Halloween party! Elder Wilde and Elder Richards (with the wigs) were "the ugly stepsisters". Elder Sheanshang (with the gun) is Men in Black, and Elder Ward is spongebob squarepants (or at least his homemade name tag said so)
Last week Hna Sepulveda commented about some of the pictures her friends sent her at haunted houses. Then both of us sat there and thought, "Oh haunted houses? That's what people are doing right now? Oh ya! It's October! That's what people do in October I almost forgot..."
This is what happens when you live in a desert where there is no indication of seasons changing or holidays celebrated.. how sad.

You know to be honest I have finally forgotten what life in the US is like. Peruvian life has become the new normal. Well until we saw kids taking turns going to the bathroom in a plastic bottle in the middle of the sidewalk... it was like someone shook me and said "Yep Hannah! You're in a third world country!!" and me thinking, "oh ya I remember now"
Evidence of a third-world country...No water for 2 days! This was our homemade contraption to save water when all that would come out was a trickle from the sink. It worked!
This week was much better!
I was beginning to feel a little bit nervous as we hadn't seen Toni and his family for an entire week while they traveled to Lima. Being away from an investigator is super nerve wracking. Literally anything could happen! We were walking down the street on Saturday when all of a sudden Toni ran into us and started saying, "Hermanas November 5th! November 5th! I want Hermano Rosalez to baptize me!"
Toni and Fam!! I'm so excited for this family!
My face totally lit up. I am SO excited for this Saturday! Toni is someone I've worked so hard on and it will be super gratifying to see him finally reach his goal and then continue progressing from there.

This week in the mission home I finally got my first hot shower since December and was served hot pancakes with maple syrup. I feel like it's foreshadowing events to come. (;

99 days to give it my all out here!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ingram
Freaking out because I have less than 100 days left and she has less than 50!!
Happy Halloween!! (We are literally the only people dressed up in Peru right now) all of the members keep asking us, "Aren't you embarrassed to be walking around like that??" haha...
Happy, happy!
Pics from the Specialized Training with President and Sister Rasmussen

My cute Hermana Sandison, always good to see her!
HERMANA THOMAS! Finally found her after all this time! (:
Spainy!! I've missed her!
The 3 gringas from our group
Key Lime pie....yum!! 
Hermana Lunch
My cute comp and I
Señor de los milagros, (Catholic holiday) 
Luisaac and typical Talara
Señor de los milagros decor and the Book of Mormon!

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