Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 61 Earn Your Pillow!! October 10, 2016

Found my BFF at leadership council! (photo courtesy of President and Sister Rasmussen)
Hermana Sandison used to have a phrase on her wall that said:

"Earn your pillow!"

Which means work your butt off until you feel so exhausted that you know you truly earned your pillow that day. This week was unbelievably busy. Back to back to back to back appointments and responsibilities. We didn't even have enough time to visit everyone we needed to visit. Needless to say, I'm EXHAUSTED!
Hermana Sepulveda and me!
We have been working so hard with Toni that sometimes I feel like I keep telling myself "Ok Jesus take the wheel because we have done all that we can at this point." I have never wanted something so bad in my mission than to see Toni get baptized! His dilemma this week was that his parents don't support him and think he needs more time investigating. So we thought of the only solution; teach his parents! They both came to church yesterday and sat and listened to the members bear their testimonies. Later on in the day we went to Toni's house and sat down with his other 3 siblings and both of his parents. The first thing his mom said was, "Ok before we start with the message I just have a question. Why should I believe in your church?" That's what I like to hear Juli! (; We told her why and at the conclusion of the lesson the entire family agreed to be baptized if they felt that this is the true church... (it's only a matter of time) (:

Before we closed Toni's dad broke down, tears began streaming down his cheeks. He choked out through his sobs how grateful he was that we found Toni and that we are changing his life. His wife was also in tears and kept hitting her husbands knee and saying, "calm down Jesus, calm down."
He explained to us how good he felt in church that morning and how badly he wanted to go up to the pulpit and share his feelings.

I know as missionaries we aren't changing Toni's life. We are merely sharing a message. Miracles happen when people are taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Spirit bears witness of these truths. They change. When all is sad and done I am always left amazed at our Savior and His Atonement and the power that it can have in our lives. I don't take credit for any success we have I just thank my Father in Heaven for letting me enjoy the ride. Being a missionary is awesome.

14 months in the mission tomorrow!!! Only 4 months left, how crazy.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ingram
Those from my CCM group at leadership council! With Elder Meier as the new AP. (I called it!) (:
My reaction when Elder Norman said, "Reverse Polygamy"
We were made fun of for taking this picture...Elders...
With Juan Pablo! The cutest little Colombian!
My, "I hate flying kites" face
The elders were pretty successful in flying their garbage bag kite. I think they found their inner Peruvian kid...
My kite flying consisted of 1% flying the kite and the other 99% untangling the knots.. 
Los Surfistas!

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