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Week 50 Keep the Fiestas Holy! July 25, 2016

Week 2 In Tumbes

Missionaries in Piura are not allowed to eat the following; Lettuce, strawberries, pork, and ceviche. Spainhower and I witnessed some farmers flooding their crops with sewer water. It smelled rancid. Almost instantly we both had the thought: "Aaaannd that's why we are not allowed to eat lettuce and strawberries..."

With Belen and her boyfriend Kevin
Belen was baptized!
It was without a doubt the fastest baptism I have ever had! She is amazing and bore my favorite testimony. About 2 months ago Belen was going through a really hard time and felt a certain emptiness, she knew what she was missing was something spiritual. Her boyfriend (a member) had invited her to come to church but she was never able to. Not too long ago she went by herself to a chapel in Trujillo. When she entered the sacrament meeting a feeling of peace overcame her. She testified that she had felt and is feeling a happiness never felt in any other time in her life. She knows that it is the Spirit. "I am here because it makes me happy." One of my very favorite moments!
Isn't Belen just the absolute cutest?
On this episode of Tumbes Gospel Principles: a rerun

*a lesson being taught on talents*
German: "I have many talents."
*The missionaries just trying to hurry and keep the lesson moving when all of a sudden a guy with a full on grill says:
"So what talents?"
German: "I can sing"
Grill Man. "Ok then lets here it."
Elder Meier fuming and thinking "you know very well he can't sing..."
German with his gorgeous voice and gummy mouth serenading the class.. "la luz, la luz de luz..."
At this point about half the class was on the floor including the 89 year old viejita who is about the size of my pinky. We love church in Tumbes.

This week at around 7:30 in the morning the phone started buzzing. To my pleasant surprise it was from Angamos! Upon answering I could hear a faint voice on the other side. It was Hermana Sandison! She continued whispering, "she's in the shower! she's in the shower!" I told her to hang in there and all would make for a good story later. (: It was too short but sweet to hear her happy voice... even in times of crisis like these...haha

Oh happy day! Daniela, Daniel, and Faride
The sweetest moment
Today was a fun one! We had baptisms in the afternoon and decided to take advantage of the little Pday we had left and go to the beach. It's nice and relaxing to escape our chaotic, urban area and go to the sound of crashing waves. Afterwards it was a sprint back to the city for the most amazing baptisms! Daniela and her son Daniel and her niece Faride were all able to be baptized this afternoon. My favorite was their group hug in the bathroom when it was over, so sweet.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ingram
The model couple...Belen and Kevin

Belen all ready to go (:
Whoever said that windblown beach-hair was cute....false!!

Bird chasing
Oops...crushed the crab
With the family
The font was a disaster as someone (Spainhower) had left the water in there for two weeks...
Slaving away
Elder Meier killing it in the cleaning department
Clean side, dirty side
The ten Peruvian commandments on the back of the moto, #3 says: keep the fiestas holy...I'd say that's pretty accurate for Peru
The things you see while waiting in a grocery line in Tumbes...
I was a little nervous

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