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Week 47 Happy 4th of July! July 4, 2016

Time to dust off the barbecue and grill some hamburgers!
Happy Fourth of July!! 󾓦

For some odd reason the Fourth of July in Peru just isn't quite as festive... (;

Today I tried to spice up a boring Peruvian Fourth of July and pretended the moto I was in was my parade float. It was like Miss Piura rolling down University Avenue. Dreams really do come true. We thought we were so funny smiling and waving and saying "Happy 4th of July!" to all of the Peruvians. It was all fun and games until I tried to dismount my princess float and my pointy shoe got caught in my skirt..... splat. Straight into the asphalt. The mototaxista did this annoying latino laugh like.. Ja Ja Ja... Good thing I have Hermana Sandison with me to help...actually just laugh right along with him. Gotta love her!
If this isn't American then I don't know what is...
We were pretty excited for this!
Good 'ole backyard wiffle ball and football for the 4th. Photo courtesy of: Pres Rasmussen
Pierre entered the waters of baptism!! Hooray! Pierre is an old investigator from the Elders who were previously in this area. He has been taking the missionary lessons for quite some time now but has had some Word of Wisdom issues. We had almost considered dropping him for a while until one Sunday he showed up to church by surprise. The night before, he and his friends were out drinking when he got a taste of some of the consequences that may come from that. It was like God threw a bucket of ice water on him while he was sleeping. It woke him up. From that point on he has shown so much determination to really turn his life around. His next goal is to get out there and serve a mission!
Pierre got baptized!!!
The group, even his sister Samantha (our investigator) came out to support him! (on Hna Sandison's right)
Happy day!!
Felipe's little sister Sayuri was supposed to get baptized after church yesterday. When Felipe walked into the chapel without his little sister we both knew something was wrong, so we jumped in a moto and sped out to her house. Sayuri told us that she wasn't able to track down her dad to get a signature on her baptismal form and that she was too scared to talk to her mom. It was a bummer but there is no doubt in my mind that she will be getting baptized here soon. Everything happens for a reason!

On Friday night at about 1 o'clock in the morning Hermana Sandison and I woke up simultaneously to our room shaking. It was the strongest earthquake I have felt so far and very scary. Rather than a slow rocking motion it was more of a violent vibration, I thought for sure the roof was going to come down! Good thing we finished preparing our mandatory emergency backpacks.. I've been really wanting to try those canned peaches!

This week President Rasmussen's younger sister and family came to visit. Sandi is amazing! Their family radiates happiness, they are truly a light! A few years ago Sandi started an Instagram page called Mormon Faces. In essence, Sandi interviews Mormons and shares their stories and testimonies on the page, it is so inspiring! It felt like such a privilege when President texted us and invited us over for an interview. She started by asking, "So how have you seen the Lord's hand in your life?" I thought, wow in so many ways! At first I almost wasn't sure how to respond, I don't feel like I have any moving, inspirational life stories. But I do have a testimony. When Hermana Rasmussen was asked why anyone would ever voluntarily choose to serve a very difficult mission away from their loved ones she said, "Well it really only comes down to one thing. We believe." I believe! I know we have a Father in Heaven who loves each and every one of us very much. So much that we could not even begin to comprehend His eternal and infinite love. We are His children. He paid the price for us and sent His only Perfect and Begotten Son to suffer and die for us. The Atonement is the most tangible evidence of that unending love and when we actively apply it in our lives, we can feel that love. We know He is there. We know that we are never alone. I have seen The Gospel of Jesus Christ change the lives of so many. I have seen The Gospel of Jesus Christ change my own.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ingram
Look who cumplió un año en la misión!! The burning skirt traditon!
Helping with La Pollada, It's like a bake-sale but chicken style
All of the raw chicken, probably won't pass health codes...But hey I ate it! I'm still walking and talking (: For now...
Riding Peruvian style! 
This kind man stopped to let us take pictures! Peruvians are some of the kindest people out there! Except when it comes to eating all of their food... (I think she means that you have to clear your plate or they're not too happy)

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