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Week 49 Week 1 in Tumbes July 18, 2016

After our zone meeting! (not the whole zone)
Week number 1 in Tumbes was a fun one! I can't count the amount of times we would turn to walk down a street until someone gave us the hand signal that means we are going to get jumped. But all the more adventure I guess!

Tumbes in a nut shell: It's small in size but dense in population. The plaza de armas is in our area and there is always so much commotion. The people are all hustling and bustling about or just sitting around and "tomando aire." It's so much more HOT here! I think it's due to the humidity. Also our room is full of all sorts of bugs, mainly spiders and we share the 2nd floor with a dog also named Negra... It smells like Jasmine's dog kennel. I think Angamos was more like a vacation from the mission and now I am being welcomed back to good old Peru!
Peruvian street art
Other than the fact that Tumbes is very stinky I sure do love the people. They are amazing! The ward needs a lot of work but they try their best. The other day we found and taught the cutest 19 yr old girl named Belen. Her fiancé is already a member from Ecuador and they are so cute together. Belen is so amazing and has had a testimony of the church for a long time! The first time she went to church was in Trujillo. When she walked in to the sacrament meeting she felt a happiness that she has never felt before. Belen is an "investigador de oro" and is so prepared to be baptized. I already love her so much!
Spainy and I in front of the Tumbes River (yes, crocodiles live in there!)
Gospel Principles is hilarious! German (pronounced air-mawn) really spices the class up. The poor guy doesn't have all of his wires connected right in his head. He's also missing almost all of his top teeth so everything he says is even more hilarious.
Hermana Spainhower teaching the lesson on Families Can Be Eternal:
Spainhower: "Sometimes even when we are living the gospel we will still face problems in our families..." Then German butted in and said, "Yeah! Like that guy who tried to give me animal water! (we assume he means pee) I didn't drink it, I told him hey I know this is animal water, I know what you're doing. And he said, how did you know!? and then I said I'm in the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! God told me this is animal water and then the guy said, wow what church!? and I said.. The Mormons, and I'm a messenger from God.. and I invite you this Sunday, all of the Sundays, to the church."
Poor Hermana Spainhower had to use every bodily muscle in her not to burst out laughing and said, "That's very nice, thank you German for sharing."
At leadership council meeting! (Another fun 10 hour round trip)
This week was my first leadership council meeting! So all 6 of us leaders up here in Tumbes went on a fun little excursion down to Piura and back. I saw Hermana Sandison and the poor thing is really having a hard time, she was choking back tears as I hugged her goodbye and said, "You can do anything!" It's her very first Latin companion and in the words of Spainhower, "That will be an adjustment." If you've never experienced living with someone from an entirely different continent take my word for it and know that it's hard! The leadership council was amazing! We truly have some of the best missionaries out here in Piura. President Rasmussen is such an inspired leader and he has made a big impact on my life. The Spirit is so strong when he stands in front of his missionaries and testifies of Christ. I love my Savior and I know that even though at times we may feel alone, because of Him, we are never, ever alone.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ingram
Look who I found at the mission home!!! Awe...I love her!
Hermana Rasmussen is so cute!
All of the Angamos Relief Society ladies came over after leadership council to make brownies! Poor Hermana Mata cried when I told her I had already left (I kept it a secret because goodbyes are the worst)

Cute Hermana Richen is the sweetest!
We love Hermana Mcrae!!
Personality pic, my cute, fun Hermana Spainhower
Tacky mannequins are the epitome of South America
Fruit stands! Tumbes doesn't have any type of real grocery store so these are becoming a way of life.
The view of the chapel outside our window! Seeing the house that would'nt sell in the middle of the lot always makes me laugh. (The wanted two million)
Combi riding...

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