Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 46 Feliz Cumpleaños to me! June 27, 2016

Zona Algorrobos aka Champions!
Well needless to say I am sitting here at the Internet cafe feeling like I'm back in high school during soccer season. SO SORE!!! Today was the finals for the Semi annual Copa Piura and I played my heart out (more like ran up and down while the crazy Latins did their crazy moves.) It was a blast!!! and we walked away with the trophy!
How cool is President Rasmussen!!??
Yesterday Hna Olenka was having a rough day. When I saw her at church she ran and hugged me and cried for a good 5 minutes. Olenka is such a strong member of the church but struggles to see her own family members become weaker and weaker. She asked at the last second if we would give the lesson in gospel principles so of course we agreed!

at the beginning of class
me: "So can I get a volunteer to read the... hmm lets see...first 6 pages?
No one really understood the joke except for my wonderful wing woman Hna Sandison... so happy to have her.

Fellow Utahans, remember those modesty- promoting skirt-extenders (slips with chunks of fabric or lace lining) sold at mall kiosks? Well Sister Sandison, who's a tall one, decided that her own lace-lined slip had just about the same function. Both of us were always slightly confused at how much the ladies in the ward would go out of their way to quickly and discretely notify Sister Sandison that her slip was showing... Just this week we discovered that for Peruvians, it's a sign that you're in search of a boyfriend rather than covering up that extra inch of the knee. If Sister Sandison shows up to the states with someone short, dark, and semi-handsome, you will now know why.
Trying to find referrals out in the boonies of our area
Felipe was able to get the priesthood yesterday! How cool to think he could be heading out on a mission a year from now. Sayuri (his little sister) has been a tough one. Each time we have previously brought up baptism she has turned it down and expressed that she doesn't feel like she has enough faith. She has so much faith! She has a testimony of Joseph Smith, President Monson, the church, Jesus Christ and is keeping all of the commandments. Hna Sandison and I had been praying really hard to help her and we finally made a break through! Surprisingly the majority of investigators don't have problems with the doctrine, it's more of a social issue. So we made sure to ask social directed questions and finally discovered her problem. We read 2 Nephi 31 and then Sayuri told us that she feels that it's a sin to get baptized for a second time. It was so awesome to have Hna Sandison there to share her own experience of getting baptized for the second time in the LDS church. Immediately after Sayuri said, "OK can I get baptized on Saturday?"

We saw a miracle this week! On the night of my birthday, one of Pierre's friends came over to his house. He tried to get Pierre to drink with him. Pierre continually said "no" but became a little bit more discouraged as his friend was very persistent. In that same moment I called him to invite him to my bday party/FHE. His friend left and as he sat there alone in his house he felt the spirit come over him. He knew that Heavenly Father was looking out for him and helping him prepare to be baptized. How awesome!
I'M TWENTY YEARS OLD! That's right, 2 decades. Can you believe it? I have to admit spending a birthday as a missionary was something extra special. It was a fun day but the best party was ending it eating brownies with President and Sister Rasmussen. As I have just officially entered into the most crucial, stressful, and determinate decade of my entire life, I couldn't pass down the opportunity to ask for advice from two of the most amazing and inspired individuals. Even though I want to stash away my special advice and keep it all to myself, it applies to everyone.

My "20" Advice:

Hermana Rasmussen- "On the mission you are learning a pattern of righteous living. Reading your scriptures, praying morning and night, attending church, etc. Don't leave that pattern. If I had to water down my advice to just one thing I would say: Read the Book of Mormon every single day. No matter how small it may be. You will never fall away."

President Rasmussen- "Follow the guidance of the Spirit. On the mission you learn how to recognize and follow the spirit. Continue that throughout your live." When I asked him how the spirit speaks to him he said, "Usually through thought. A thought will come to mind that didn't originate from me. There are certain times where I am more receptive to the spirit; In the mornings, at the temple, and even in really boring church meetings. Always strive to live worthy and be around those who also have the Spirit."

Hermana Sandison- "Always surround yourself with people who lift you up not those who you feel like you are constantly trying to help. Those that make you want to be better... so basically just be my friend forever" (;

There you have it! I feel so blessed when I look back on these past 20 años de vida, and what an adventure it has been full of ups and downs, insides and outs, mountains and valleys, far away places and home, family and friends, and lots and lots of learning and growing moments. I know the church is true and I don't think there is a single better way to start a new decade than in the service of God and my fellow men err...Peruvians..

Love you all so much
Con muchisimo amor
Hermana Ingram
Birthday Princess!
When mom sends a package full of birthday decor we just HAD to put it to good use!
Hermana Sandison just reliving her glory days! (;
Her late birthday pics
Some cute members got me a delicious chocolate cake and celebrated at an FHE
Hermana Sandison showing us how to "twist". Rebecca would be so proud!
At the semi annual Copa Piura!
Cute Hermana Apeña is alive and well! (after two rounds of dengue)
We won!! (Probably because we had the elders from Chile and Argentina on our team)
Missionary league
Hermana Spainhower! Oh how I've missed her! 
As we were contacting someone on the street we looked over to find a guy running around and setting fire to all of the garbage piles...good thing houses aren't made of wood!

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