Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 45 Felipe Got Baptized! June 20, 2016

YAY FELIPE GOT BAPTIZED!!! (They're actually pretty happy people I swear)
Happy Fathers Day Dad!! I love you soooo much! Sure missed you yesterday and I wish I could have been there to give you a big hug and a typical fathers day gift (a tie.) You are the greatest!

A week ago we went and visited Pierre (Samantha's brother.) He has had a goal to get baptized for a while now and just had a baptismal interview with our DL last week. In that interview, the elder helped Pierre to realized that he has a testimony! The change we have been able to see in him is a miracle, he looks so happy. It makes you feel all warm inside when you see that difference in his eyes. Now, he is starting to recognize the spirit and there is nothing better as a missionary!

The other day Olenka invited me over to celebrate my upcoming birthday and I officially got my first cake in the face (and hopefully my last.) When it came her turn, I got her back really bad... you would have thought I was drowning her. After the frosting fight was over, Olenka and I sat in the bathroom waiting for someone to bring us water to wash our face. We both starting blowing frosting out of our noses and it was hysterical! I love Olenka so so much she is such a light!
Olenka is the greatest! She is so kind and always making everyone feel so special! She even shared her birthday with me (: 
She got me first and then I got her back pretty bad...
The first in his family and now we are hoping for a chain reaction from the rest. Note: Peruvian baptisms are literally the most hilarious thing on the mission. For a couple of reasons: 1) They are TERRIFIED of water! 2)They fight the person baptizing them 3) or they end up trying to get fancy and doing a back dive... . As Hna Sandison puts it, "They have a little freak out in the font." Well Felipe actually had to get baptized twice. The first time around he ended up trying to baptize himself before the prayer was over and Alexis had to tell him TRANQUILO (calm down) just so they could get it right. The second time he did a back flop but it counted! There is always so much anticipation waiting for the witnesses to give us the OK (:
The struggle with smiling at the camera...
Felipe's testimony afterward was so amazing. I love his humility and sincere desire to do what is right! When we walked out of the chapel it was a definite "heel click" moment.
We went out to the family for Felipe's first lesson as a recent convert!! YAY
SYDNEY CAME! How fun it is to have some visitors (: Sydney (Hna Sandison's little sister) is the cutest, quirkiest, nicest girl I have ever met! She even brought us gifts (: What a treat! It was so crazy when we sat down in church, introduced her to investigators, and then she asked us, "Whats an investigator?" It made me take a step back and see how much of a bubble I am in! But I really like this bubble! Hermana Sandison and I really feel like we are on a mission high right now and there is nothing better.

Sydney brought us presents!! How sweet! (: Thanks Rebekah and Sydney!

With Sydney and Zuly woohoo!!
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes it really means a lot!

Con mucho amor
Hermana Ingram
Happy Father's Day to President Rasmussen!
Lizet is soooo adorable!! (the bishop's wife) and her baby is just the happiest!
Before and after. We call these Hna Sandison's poop shoes (for the amount of times she has stepped in poop while wearing them) Sydney brought her new ones!

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