Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 43 The Mission Roller Coaster Continues June 6, 2016

This week we visited the family and they made us a cute little lunch. Its pretty amazing when you look around at their circumstances, they have pretty close to nothing! For dessert they gave us a big glass of Jello, THE PEOPLE HERE LOVE JELLO. I don't understand what's so great about Jello? Jello and I are not friends... Well Jacinto left the scene for a bit and unfortunately I did not have an emergency bag on me. But my half empty waterbottle seemed just as good, so... plop! plop! In went my Jello and I escaped Jello free. Hermana Sandison was dying....
My Jello water..ha..ha
In a zone meeting we were talking about how we can make daily contact with our investigators:
*Elder raises hand*

"solo me voy a la casa y toco la puerta y digo.. Hermana tengo hambre!"
"I just go to their house and knock on the door and say... Hermana I'm hungry!"
total face-palm moment... Oooh Elders bless their sweet hearts
We took a risk by taking a photo in the Mercado (market)...If only I could take a picture of the chaos!
Hna Sandison in a tiny little portion of the massive mercado
In a lesson with a less active we were singing the opening hymn... note: Let's be honest.. Peruvians can't sing... Well all of a sudden my singing wing woman, (Hermana Sandison) got lazy or something and went Peruvian on me. So when the verse had ended, I wanted to let her know she needed to get her singing act together so I hit her in the face with the hymn book (don't worry Rick it was soft.)
Then everyone just lost it, we laughed too hard to even continue. In the closing prayer the Hermano said, "Thank you for the good humor that the hermanas bring into my life." Everyone just needs to laugh sometimes. (:

The mission roller coaster continues to go up and down. Jacinto came with us to figure out the marriage requirements on Tuesday. On Wednesday we sat down alone with Jady and she immediately broke down and said that she doesn't want to marry Jacinto, that he is violent, and she isn't getting baptized. We were shocked. We asked for advice from president and he said to continue inviting her to come unto Christ. So we will continue to do that and meanwhile focus on the kids! Last week when we asked Felipe if he wanted to come with us to the baptism he responded. "Well duh! If I'm getting baptized I have to see what its like first!" The best (:
Helping Hermana Patty make Brazilian flags for her missionary
I think the more and more that I am out here, the more I begin to realize... Missionaries do not control what happens. We just have trust that, if we do our very best and have good attitudes, we will come out of this experience being changed. We will become disciples of Christ, whether we have a million converts or none. Like a friend once said, "If convert baptisms were an indication of a missionary's success, Jesus was a spectacularly unsuccessful missionary."

Con amor,
Hermana Ingram
I did Hermana Sandison's pageant makeup for Domingo! "On the left we can see Peru (my face) and on the right, the United States" (;
We saw Jaco! In this picture he informed us that, "Hermanas, ever since our last lesson my seek went really bad!" Ahi esta su señal Jaco!

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