Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 23 Update January 18, 2016

My last P-day with Hermana Arce. I'm sure going to miss her!
More about last week: (I didn't have email/cell service so couldn't get the details so I asked more about what happened)

Mom's question: Are you settling into your new apartment? How much money did they take from you? Do you have any idea who it was? Do the doors not lock very securely? Should I send some pepper spray in your next package?

Hannah's response: In total they took somewhere around 1300 soles. Which is a ton here as missionaries. I can almost gaurantee it was our neighbors that lived directly in front of us. A group of super creepy men lived there and they were always watching us as if we had a movie playing for them or something. We tried to keep the window closed as much as possible but it's just way too hot here. The next day after we were robbed they all moved. The door on the street had a good lock on it but I'm pretty sure we didn't close it all the way by accident. It was always hard to tell. The door to our actual room was broken so that one anyone can get into.
Sprained my ankle and it started to swell. A cold mango made for a decent ice pack!
Mom's question: Did you get more time to spend with your investigators this week? How is Diego doing?

Hannah's response: Oh and we tried really hard to talk Diego out of it but he moved to Lima for a job opportunity. His dad lost his job so he felt pressure to get a good job to help his family.
Peruvian food
Hannah's short summary of the week:

Dont have too much time but ill try to write a little summary.
Our little 9 yr old investigator with a baptismal date, Hno Marcos, has parents who are separated. Some things have happened between them this week and we had to postpone his baptism. The elders also had to push back their baptism as well. It just goes to show how important baptism is, Satan really is working overtime to try to keep it from happening. But I know it will happen soon. We also had one of our investigators come to sacrament yesterday! Her name is Maritza. She is married to Denis and has a 9 yr old son Mateo. She is awesome and we have had amazing lessons with her. I see so much potential in her and she loves us and everything we teach her! Please keep both of these families in your prayers. 

This is Hermana Arces last week and I know its going to be hard for her. She has so much genuine love for EVERYONE. I have learned so much from her and her amazing example.

Hermana Ingram
Peruvian recipe: Go to your local pet store, buy and guinea pig and then fry it. Delicious!!
Hermana Arce really wanted to try a chicken foot. I'll stick with my favorite food..Antecuchos! Cow heart!
P-day at the beach. Hermana Aida came too! (pic at top)
Hermana Aida insisted on a photo eating our marcianos- sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, sugar and coconut frozen in a bag. Anything cold in this heat is delicious!

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