Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 22 We Were Robbed!!! January 11, 2016

Sad because we were stressed. Searching for a new place to live is not easy!
Well this week was slightly stressful....

On Tuesday morning Hna Arce and I left our room at around 10:30 to go and teach a lesson. As we were walking Hna Arce told me she had a really bad feeling and that something bad was going to happen. I could tell she was super freaked out so of course that made me freaked out. We continued walking basically hugging each other and stayed on our toes the whole time. When the lesson ended we needed to go back to our room and get money to pay the pension. When we got to our room everything was completely normal. Except every last bit of our money was gone. I even had some American money and that had completely disappeared too. So we went down and talked to our neighbor. She looked shocked and said that at around 11 she heard a moto pull up to the building and 3 men go up our stairs and through our door. For some odd reason it didn't make her too curious she said she just thought "Well that's weird those girls never take guys in their room." Then after a little while they left. We called our Zone Leaders who told us we needed to start looking for a new place to live immediately. I was pretty heart broken because I sure loved that room with the balcony. That same day a member from the ward took the elders to the police station to report the crime. We got a call saying that we needed to be there. We probably spent 3 hours with the Peruvian police and got nothing done. They only interrogated us on why we were in the country and where were our legal documents. I was even told that I needed to deport back the US. Test of patience for sure! Never going to the police again.. So we spent about two days looking for a new room. Holy was that an adventure! I love some of these Latins because they use their entire body to talk and everything is super over exaggerated, they have a talent for making a pile of dirt sound like a palace. It was honestly a pain in the butt and super time-consuming but we finally made a decision and packed up and moved. The whole thing was a long process but I'm glad we moved somewhere safer and now we can get back to work!
Jumping picture fail
Today we went sand boarding and played sand soccer on the beach! Super fun but my sunburn begs to differ. Sadly not a lot happened this week with our investigators because so much time was spent looking for a new apartment etc. but this week will be better!

Hermana Ingram
Sand-boarding....felt like we were in the Sahara desert!!
Hermana Arce and I have some pretty bad sunburns. Here, she is referred to as a Gringa bamba which means a fake white girl. I get a kick out of it every time people tell her that her Spanhish is awesome and ask what part of the US she is from. (She is from Paraguay)

Driving to the sand dunes in Sechura! Pictured: Rosita and Marily....Hermana Aida's daughters. The poor elders rode in the back of the car and got caked in dust!
The elders helping us move! What good guys.
Had to stop and get a burger! My comp can't get enough of them. She even has burger delivery in our phone.:) Nothing like least not where I live. 
Hermana Arce snuck a pic of me getting some shut-eye while waiting for lunch to be served. My well known talent: I can fall asleep anywhere! It's not always for my benefit.
The new tiny room....without my beloved balcony ;(
A tender mercy after a stressful week

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