Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 75 4th to Last Email!! January 16, 2017

My comp wanted to pose with the tree...
What a week!

On Tuesday President came to Talara to do interviews. My interview was awesome! I don't think he nor his wonderful wife will ever completely understand how much they have blessed my life. During that interview I scheduled baptismal interviews for July and Jesus later that same night. (I was pretty nervous Jesus might need a second interview if he were to go to our district leader). So there I was, sweat beads resting on my forehead, while Jesus and July were being interviewed. They both passed with flying colors!!! The next nerve wracking dilemma was getting their wedding reserved for a day before I leave. Fun fact: The adversary runs marriage requirements and processes here so that every single couple in the country has to break one of the most important commandments. (no one is married) What a butt head... But in the end we win anyway!
My dear July!
The next day July helped Susanna bring lunches to the multizone. When I walked in the kitchen to say hi to them they both looked at me with sad expressions and said, "Hermana ya no hay fecha.." (There aren't any more dates--to reserve for their wedding) "The next closest one is the 15th of February." My heart sank... "but hermana you could fly back for it!" I kind of half smiled and said "ya!" but in my head I was thinking... well shoot I really was not planning on coming back here that quick..... I think they could see the true sadness in my face when they threw their hands up in the air and said, "MENTIRA!" (just kidding!") "We got it reserved for the 27th!!" When my mind finally registered what they were saying the immediate jump from contrasting emotions threw me off a little and I just started bawling right then and there! I never cry! Tears fell from my cheeks and I squeezed July so hard. The four of us started jumping around doing happy dances while the elders were like, "Hermanas where is our lunch..." "Patience Elders we are a little busy right now!"
I feel so blessed!!
Zona Talara
The multizone was amazing. President shared his inspiring stories from his mission and they never get old. At the end they called me up to give my final testimony. My heart started to pound as the full realization that, yes this time truly has come, hit me. I stood up there and bore the most sincere, heartfelt testimony of the Lord's work and our Savior that I could muster. When I closed I began to walk off the stand and my legs felt like lead. I drug one in front of the other until I took my seat by my companion who gave me a reassuring smile and said, "That was amazing." I looked at her and said, "I'm sad" and then felt yet again the speed of passing time. I love this work.
Las Hermanas!
I testify that this is the Lord's work! I feel like I am but a piece to his giant masterpiece of a puzzle. But it's a privilege to be a part of it.

I love and miss you all so much
Hermana Ingram

Quick points from the week:
6 hours in a combi today!!
-Today we drove all the way up to Tumbes to play in part 1 of the long anticipated Copa Piura! We won back to back against Puyango and Tumbes! Next week we are off to Piura to take home the trophy. To this day Peruvians are still absolutely amazed that I know how to kick a soccer ball.
La Copa Piura!!!
-Dinner with the Padrino (godfather) was awkward... Luckily I got to teach him a little bit of the gospel and share with him the Hernandez's story. By the end we were stuffed!! Hermana Signs is such a good third wheel (;
Oh my gosh!...This is so embarrassing! EL PADRINO! Godparents together...(I had to tell him he couldn't touch me for the picture.)
-my comp puked again this week... her poor stomach is against Peruvian food
-Hermana Rasmussen's friends Dawn and Bev came and visited again from California. I felt like I was watching an episode of The Real Housewives of Piura. Elder Meier and I were getting a kick out of it. They are so fun.
-Susanna tried making brownies this week. They were a disaster! Hermana Signs had to intervene just as she was about to dump MORE OIL into the mix. What is with Peruvians and oil??
Yes...this is a picture of the missionaries who are leaving :( All of which have gone home except me
Mas fotos!
Mom got sick so the house was a mess and dad cooked the food...I'm sure you can imagine how that went (;
We have fans! They were so amazed by our skin, hair, and English... 
We kicked butt!!
Aloe plants are everywhere...for the sunburns??
A sunset and some shack houses

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