Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 74 Hotter than Hades January 9, 2017

We decided rather than take a normal moto we would ride in style in the big colorful caterpillar car! (its did like 25 loops and I almost puked)

"Summer" In this City of Eternal Heat just snuck up on us or something because I haven't stopped sweating now for about a week...... #LaPiuraVida

The week started out on an interesting note.... Hermana Signs and I were absolutely drained from a day at the beach and so we tucked ourselves in at about 10 o'clock, pleased to be getting a little bit more time to recuperate our energies. I was dreaming when I heard a faint yell "Hermanas!" repeated over and over again. I jolted awake, threw myself off the bed and shook Hermana Signs and said, "The elders are downstairs!!" We peaked over the window and sure enough the elders were waiting for us downstairs at 11:30pm. I dove for the phone only to find that it had died! oops.... I plugged it in and saw a message, "The hermanas were robbed! Come to the comisaria!" So we run downstairs and see Hermana Pinckard and Hermana Arce and boy, they didn't look too good. They had been walking home from internet when three guys with knives jumped them and took everything they had. So they stayed the night with us and we doubled up on our twin beds. They are doing totally fine and all we can do now is seguir adelante!

Yes those are blood stains..... There is always an unusually large amount of blood stains on the sidewalks....lets just assume they are from dogs
My poor companion got super sick this week.... the normal stomach problems... I woke up one night to her puking in the bathroom and I don't know if I was also sick too but 30 minutes later I ran to the bathroom and also started puking.... I then threw up 3 more times... Have no fear unlicensed Peruvian doctors are here!

Reasons why Hermana Signs had diarrhea and was vomiting: (according to above mentioned Dr...viewer discretion advised)
-El Calor (the heat) apparently it was so hot it melted her bowel movements..
-She had an internal fever, (isn't that what a fever is?)
-Platano, beware of bananas! beware!
-She didn't eat enough at mealtime and so her stomach ate itself (i wish I was joking)
-Cremas! stay away from condiments they make your stomach expand
-climate change. (from hot to hotter?)
-Sitting in front of the fan, artificial air is deadly! Yes that's a term, artificial air.

Practicing the Piano!
Last night I was emotionally exhausted, Hermana July called me and said she needed to talk to us. We sat down at the table and things turned for the worst. July and Jesus were talking about wedding preparations when they got into a fight about money. They defiantly declared that the wedding was off and they didn't want to get married. SO MUCH PRIDE! Tears began to form in my eyes as I sat listening to their complaints about each other. I sat and prayed so hard, "Heavenly Father I have no idea what to do or what to say I feel helpless please help them feel the Spirit, please help their hearts to be softened." Then I thought of 1 Nephi 4:6 when Nephi says "And I was lead by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do." So I opened my mouth and started talking. About an hour and a half later we were laughing and they were hugging and all was well. It was a miracle. I left them with homework to get on their knees and pray as a couple and then have a very civil discussion about the wedding. I think I burned them pretty bad but continually expressed how much love I have for them and their family. They have my heart!

Well, we have a big week ahead of us filled with intercambios, interviews, multizones, musical numbers and just more lasts for me. Less than 30 days now!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ingram
That equatorial sun! #lapiuravida

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