Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 58 Mas Enfermedades September 20, 2016

Talara's very own Book of Mormon delivery service!
Well due to reason #4 on my list of reasons why I feel unmotivated to write a weekly email I'm going to try and keep this extra short as the room continues to spin around me.

These past two days I have been more sick than ever on my mission. I was glued to my bed the entire p day yesterday (writing this on a Tuesday) and that's when you know a missionary is really sick. (; I've been feeling pretty miserable and called Hermana Rasmussen the other day to ask her if she would speak at my funeral. Ok, Ok I'm over exaggerating. Being sick on a mission makes you extra homesick. All I wanted was to lay in my mom's giant comfy bed and watch all of the best movies while she fed me tapioca pudding and catered to my every need. Aren't moms the best? But instead I was locked away in my Harry Potter closet while covered in my own sweat beads. But through this miserable yet relatively short experience I learned something. I initially thought I would be better off left to wallow in my self-pity and stress about looming deadlines and responsibilities. But then things changed, when I allowed others to serve me. I can hear an echo of my moms voice saying, "It's okay to not be okay." We are all beggars, we all need help sometimes! We talk so much about serving others but can you imagine if all of the "others" refused our service? Normally I might just grin and bear it but this time I allowed others to step in and lighten the load. The members, missionaries and my companion really helped to make my Harry Potter closet feel more like a home away from home (a continent away). I think allowing yourself to be humble enough to admit you're not okay and welcome the service of others is an acquired skill. And as we allow others to serve us we are helping them even more than they are helping us and I figured out an equation: Helping others help themselves by helping you.
Home sweet home! I like to call our house the upside down torta (cake) because of it's tiers. The tiny little open window on the top floor is where we live!
We have so many progressing investigators! I wish I had time to talk about each of them. I'm sure they will get baptized soon but are facing a little bit of opposition.

My favorite thing that Hna Martinez said this week, *walks up to an unusually large group of cats sunbathing with a full water bottle in her hand* "Do you know what this is? This is water.... Do you remember me?" and then proceeds to dump water and chase all of the cats. She is my entertainment.

Until next week,
Con mucho amor
Hermana Ingram
Goofy faces before things get serious in branch council
Hermana Martinez only has 2 weeks left! :(
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