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Week 57 Week 3 in The Holy Land September 12, 2016

Week 3 in The Holy Land

The other day Hermana Martinez and I were with a member out on the street when a man on a motorcycle pulled up to talk to us.
Hermana Martinez whispers to me, "Hey, look at his necklace? Does it look satanic?" *craning my neck to see what's on his necklace*
Me: "Hey hermano what does your necklace mean?"
The guy: "Oh this? I don't know I found it on the beach one day but every time I lose it, it always shows up under my bed. One time I lost it in Lima and it was under my pillow when I got home!"
You could hear crickets chirping as the three of us stared at him and then looked at each other thinking... "hmmmm how weird..."

Every Friday night we have Ward Mission Night! Every other ward mission night is Noche de Cine (movie night). This Friday we put on Big Hero 6 and handed out popcorn to everyone that came. It was awesome! So many people show up since the closest movie theatre is 2 hours away. Well during the movie Luisaac (our ward mission leader) noticed a ruffle/dent in the dividing curtain at the back of the room. He peeked back and was pretty surprised to discover a drunk man completely passed out! I had to go and take a look for myself, sure enough there he was. I ran and grabbed the Elders and told them they needed to get the drunk guy out. I have never seen anything so funny until they grabbed him by his ankles and wrists and carried him out of the church. Everyone was enjoying the movie so much that no one even noticed him stagger in and then pass out! Go Peru! Always keeping it interesting.
My Best Friend!! (photos don't really go with the this week's letter)
Homeboy Toni is doing great! (homeboy because he talks like a total gangster) He reads the Book of Mormon diligently! As we sat down with him in our lesson he told us how good he feels. "I don't know Hermanas, every time I read this book I feel happier. I don't yell at my little brothers anymore. I feel like I'm changing." You should have seen our faces, my smile was stretched as far wide as it could go! It's the happiest feeling when you see the changes being made in the people you are teaching. That's exactly how I felt the first time I read the Book of Mormon. I feel like it changed me! It made the me I was into me version 2.0, new and improved. Is it a coincidence that The Book of Mormon improves anyone's life just by reading it? Of course not! But it is absolutely amazing.

My favorite investigators are the Colombians. Before you learn a 2nd language you probably might not be able to tell the difference in accents. Now that I speak Spanish I can generally tell where someone is from just by hearing their accents. The differences are distinct between Argentina and Chile, Peru and Ecuador, Spain and Mexico, and now I get to hear the greatest Colombian accents. The best way I could describe it: If the United States was a Spanish speaking country the Colombians would be from Boston! We might ask "how are you?" and they would say "hahwahya?" They cut off and squish together all of the words and form one big giant blob of a sentence. Hermana Martinez and I LOVE the Colombians and their super entertaining accent. (: ( the Colombians are refugees that escaped terrorism in their country, they are basically members but cannot get baptized until Hermana Angela gets divorced and then married to her husband- which would mean a trip to Colombia)

My companion has a love/hate relationship with cats. She talks to every cat we see on the street. Lately she takes her toy water gun out with us and squirts all of the cats. Oh Hermana Martinez.

Con mucho amor!
Hermana Ingram
You know you're getting old in the mission when more and more people from your CCM group start showing up to leadership council!
The Tumbes girls
With my compi 
Pleasant surprise!!! Was able to see Hermana Sandison in Piura! I love her!!
I hope you all enjoy this picture of the lovely blonde Hermana Martinez as much as I do.

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