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Week 41 Más Miladros! May 23, 2016


Oh my goodness Hermana Sandison's Birthday was a BLAST!
At the clinic (getting flu shots) we shared the chocolate cake with all the missionaries and nurses.
The things we do for blog pictures (: Like taking a cake to the clinic for our vaccines
*stepping into the elevator at the clinic.... awkward silence"
whole elevator: oh happy birthday! How old are you? Lets sing to her! ..Feliz cumpleano....

Hna Sandison had a record of 3 cakes to the face that day, wow. Normally at my house we don't put our faces in the cakes for sanitary reasons... here its: "mmmm.. eyelash hair and crusty makeup, delicious!"
Cake in the face #1
We took our investigator to a baby shower this week to meet sisters in the ward. At the end Hermana Patty began cutting the celebratory cake when all of a sudden 20 hermanas came walking in an hour late... Hermana Patty: "Oh boy, we could really use a miracle from Jesus right now." (In reference to the feeding of 5000) I laughed for a good 5 minutes.

We got permission this week to visit Geraldine (investigator) in the hospital! There I was once again reminded that I was in a third world country. Scary!

Our investigator Jaco: In a lesson we found out his #1 life-goal is to be a millionaire. For that reason exactly he seems to think that becoming a member of the church means giving up his goal (which is not necessarily the case.) So we talked to Hno Silva (Future mission pres of Guancayo) about it and he said, "Bring Jaco over for FHE on Monday." And that's what we did. Hermano Silva hit it out of the park with his Jaco-directed lesson. He talked about putting God first and Obedience! When God is first everything else will align. He quoted "For I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." I have never heard anyone as bold as Hno Silva (maybe besides Elder Holland) and the boldness really worked! At the end Jaco asked me, "So what exactly are all the commandments again?" I kind of laughed and thought, "Well that sure went well!" I LOVE THE SILVAS! Hermana Ana told us her life story and about joining the church and it was awe-inspiring! We all sat in her kitchen with tears falling onto the kitchen counter top. It's moments like that where I think "I love my mission!"

On Tuesday we went on divisions with the sister leaders. I went to Hna Claudia, and Edgar's family of 7. While Hna Sandison went to Samantha.

Lesson with Egdar and Fam: During the lesson I asked everyone how their reading in the Book of Mormon was going and out of no where Jasinto (the father in the house) stood up out of his chair and started testifying to his family that the Book of Mormon was true. My sister leader looked at me like, "What did you guys do?!" and I just looked at her and said, "I have no idea." He said that earlier on he went into the forest by his house and read the Book of Mormon for 4 hours non stop. Every time he has a stomach pain he reads the Book of Mormon and his pain goes away...

Lesson with Claudia: Previously, Claudia has always told us that she doesn't want to be associated with any church. In the lesson she told us, "Quiero ser Mormons" "I want to be a Mormon" my jaw pretty much dropped... again my sister leader looked at me like "I want to be in your area"

When I finally saw Hna Sandison again I ran to her so excited to share the good news but she beat me to the punch. She told me that immediately as they were sitting down for the lesson, Samantha said, "I know all of this is true."She then said why. She said a prayer to find her hidden Book of Mormon and felt the spirit guide her to it. It worked! Before the lesson she prayed, "Heavenly Father if this is where you want me to be, let the missionaries be on time to the lesson today." (I laughed out loud when I heard that, missionaries are never on time!) And they arrived 6:30 Sharp! Hey if that's not a miracle then I don't know what is...

Pray for miracles this week! Example: that Hermana Sandison and I stay together for another transfer (:

BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT TO HAYDEN! I love you sooooooo much!

Con tanto amor y brazos
Hermana Ingram
Flu shots...ouch!
Cake in the face #2 (She got me back for that one)
Sharing the cake with other missionaries in the clinic
Happy Birthday!
Cake in the face #3
Complete with a piñata!
We met these people on the street last P-day! He is Jessica Lasser's (cute girl from my high school) older brother! Served in this mission about 3 years ago.

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