Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week 40 I SAW A MIRACLE! May 16, 2016

Hna Sandison completes 2 decades of life on the 19th, what an accomplishment!
Just waiting on investigators
I just want to put my happiness into an email but I find it pretty difficult.... I SAW A MIRACLE!
Ok so we see tender mercies every day but big miracles don't happen too often. Ocho investigadores asistieron a la iglesia ayer!!! I repeat, 8 investigators came to church yesterday!!
To put things into perspective... having even one investigator at church is amazing. My previous record was 4. Hermana Sandison and I were in shock.

Sadly, of those 8 investigators... Samantha wasn't one of them. In our last lesson with her she told us how her husband hid her Book of Mormon and won't let her read it. Slightly annoying... On Sunday he purposely stayed at home rather than working just to keep her from coming to church. It seems that he will be quite the obstacle. I remember that one time I ran the Spartan Beast, a thirteen mile obstacle race... I made it through every obstacle. So whats Samantha's husband compared to that?? (;
Our super cool family we recently found!
We thought we would caption this photo"The Gospel Makes us Happy!" or....wait.."The Gospel makes Hermana Sandison Happy!" note: these people could be smiling and laughing but the minute a camera gets pulled out...SERIOUS FACES! It's a latin thing..
Saturday night Hna Sandison and I were walking to the Internet cafe to update our referrals. As I was walking I had a very strong impression that we needed to turn around and walk down the other street. Impressions like that don't happen to me often, but when they do, I know exactly where they are coming from! So we turned around and walked down the street. A lady, Maria, we had been looking for the week prior walked into her house just as we were approaching. So we knocked the door and she loved hearing about the restoration! She has a little dog named Britney Spears that really liked us. Maria said how much it surprised her that the dog loved us when normally Brittney attacks everyone. That's how she knows we are good people. Hermana Sandison and I laughed, "Yes Hermana Maria, listen to Britney Spears, she is right..."
Our investigator Jaco is driving and the cutest RM Orlenka is in back. Let's just say I'm secretly trying to hook them up (: (first he has to get baptized of course) One day when they have 5 children they'll look back at this picture and thank me (;
Anyways, feeling successful! In our Multi Zone Conference Hermana Rasmussen said, "A happy missionary is a successful missionary" I couldn't agree more.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ingram
Look how beautiful Hermana Rasmussen is! I want to look like her when I'm a grandma!
Quick pic with the President after our multizona!
Just trying to sneak a pic with the office elders who were taking their boy band pictures...oh elders..
More Hermanas! Hermana Howell (Rigby, ID), Hermana Thomas (Ogden), Hna Sucari (Lima), Hna Brown (South Jordan)
Hermana Signs, Hermana Sepulveda and Hermana Sandison! (you can see my previous companion in the back) 
The best district! Featuring the assistants Elder Hendrix (Idaho), Elder Gandarillas (Boliva), Elder Rogers (Arizona), Elder Quincho (Peru), Hna Signs (Colorado), Hna Sepulveda (Mapleton), Hna Sandison (Idaho)
Someone was having wayyyy too much fun with the juguetes (toys)
Hermana Sandison: "I'm cold"
Me: "You have been here too long..."
I would ask that prayers be offered when Hermana Sandison returns to a full blown winter in Idaho...
WOOHOO my celebratory, cheesy nine month mission pic! (But not nearly as cheesy as the ones found in the photo printing store) Yikes!...
And my beautiful baby...135 pounds 7 ounces
The delivery was...strenuous:)
 Hermana Sandison sat down for a second to ask for directions, meanwhile this dog tried to sit on her...
As pretty as Piura can possibly get!

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