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Week 19 Loving the City December 21, 2015

Classic puppy picture, this time in the city
First off.... Miguel Grau (my new area) is amazing! Second... My comp (Hermana Arce) is even more amazing!
Hermana Arce! So sad I only get her for one transfer (her last one of the mission) The motto is: No sea tronky! (don't be trunky) The goal is: Bautismos!
We are now in the city and I have to say I love it so much more than out in the middle of nowhere. The Ward here is super strong and the members are beyond helpful with the missionary work. This whole week it hardly felt like we were working because it was so fun. We exceeded all of our goals!
Hermana Aida (in our branch) is super funny and loves the missionaries. She wanted to be Mary for the nativity scene. The Angel Gabriel appeared to us and Hna Aida ;)
Yesterday we had three investigators come to church (I had one investigator come to church my entire 3 months in Morropon) so that was a shocker for me. The work here feels so easy. I especially love my paraguaya companera. She is so humble and is literally the funniest person. I laugh until I cry at least once a day. We work so well together and I'm even learning some guarani. We probably eat a little too much bread but the bakeries are a little irresistible. Speaking of the bakery.... The baker is a snake and the last time we went in there he wanted to make it clear that he was going to marry me and that I'm his princess. YUUUCK. Next to him was a different heavy set lady who had a hold of my arm and kept saying "oh how precious!" then she asked if my eyelashes were real. (I'm tempted to start telling them that yes my eyes, hair, eyelashes, skin... all fake) I told her yes they were real and the baker asked if he could touch them, before I even understood the question he stuck his finger right at my eye and touched my eyelashes.... I was mortified. Then he asked for a hug and my reaction time was light speed. NO! Then the lady said "You can't but I can!" and I got a big squeeze from a crazy lady... We sprinted out of there pretty fast...
Singing hymns and contacting in the plaza! My favorite thing ever is contacting!
Last night as a zone we sang Christmas hymns in the plaza. People gathered around and took pictures and videos. After, we went out and contacted everyone in the plaza. It was super fun, especially with Hermana Arce because she is such a people person! We got a little carried away with talking to people when we realized that the whole zone had left to go to the fireside across the bridge in the stake center. So we started running. Directly in front of me on the sidewalk was a guy heading the opposite direction. I tried to go around him but everywhere I stepped he stepped in front of me. He grabbed my hand and started pulling me with him in his direction saying, "Mi amor, my love" I kind of started to freak out and my comp grabbed me and was yelling at him to let me go. He let go and all was well. We even got a laugh out of it.
Right before we were attacked by the crazy guy...
Overall I'm sure loving my mission right now! I have a feeling we are going to have success here! Super excited to see the faces of my family after 4 months without! I have a feeling Christmas will be a good one. How awesome it is to wear Christ's name everyday, especially during the celebration of his birth.

Fun Peruvian Christmas facts
1. Every single house has the nativity scene but baby Jesus doesn't show up until the 25th!
2. You cant celebrate Christmas in Peru unless you eat paneton and drink chocolatada. Paneton is a weird cake with fruit snacks inside, the only way I can describe it is that its stretchy...... chocolatada: Hot chocolate.
3. Fireworks!

Our cute little one roomer... It even has a balcony

Hermana Babbio actually feeds us green veggies!! We eat with a pension everyday of the week, the weekends are with members.
Some days lunch is...
Than others...(rice and chicken, not again)

Love you all!!!
Hermana Ingram

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