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Week 18 Cha Cha Changes... December 14, 2014

Banana splits at our mission Christmas Party
I've been transferred! Let's rewind a week first...
The last week in Morropon we decided we would work super hard to meet our goals even though there would be 3 days without a lot of work. It was good!

My sister leader Hermana Vasquez came to Morropon to do a split with me. It was kind of like a final test before I ended my training. AND HOLY IT WAS SO FUN! I really surprised myself! It's fun to lead everything and fly solo (of course not completely solo) for a little while. We even met with Maria and Julio and taught them about the Book of Mormon which they are super interested in. After that time with Hermana Vasquez I really knew that I was ready to be done with training.
My first and second companions in the mission
Maria and Julio are still super awesome but they are still struggling in finding time to say their prayers and read the Book of Mormon. The other night my companion and I were out knocking doors before our lesson with them. Across the street I noticed Maria pushing her baby in a stroller and was a little bit worried because we needed to visit them! So my comp and I may or may not have secretly followed her around until we knew she would be in her house for our lesson. It was the best lesson! President even came and bore his testimony about Joseph Smith and shared his conversion story. One thing with Maria and Julio is that they are always telling us that they want to investigate every religion before deciding on one. That's when President stepped in and basically said, "Well why waste time searching for an answer when you could just ask someone who knows everything?" Say your prayers people! God knows all!

Later on in the week we went to the Christmas party! I'm convinced President Rasmussen and his wife are the greatest mission presidents out there.
Hermana Ingram and Hermana Spainhower with President Rasmussen
The Rasmussens threw the most amazing Christmas Party!! Soooooo much fun! Eight hours of games, a devotional, treats, and we even watched "It's a Wonderful Life"! The are absolute angels for doing that for us!
The next day we were told to stay in Piura to help with the noche blanca. It was such a cool sight to see so many baptisms all at once. Also I have to say I may have cracked a smile to see how terrified some of the people were of the water. I remember those days when I was scared to put my head underwater too (: They sure faced their fears like champs ready to follow Christ!

That night we missed the bus to Morropon and had to stay with Hermana Shumway and Hermana Thomas. We spent the night eating top ramen and watching Johnny Lingo. I sure do love those two. In the morning we made it back just in time for church. I was exhausted. Later that night I was informed that I needed to go back to Piura and leave in 45 minutes. When I hung up the phone and saw everything that I needed to pack and knew I couldn't say goodbye to anyone I was a little stressed... a little (: But threw it all into a moto, then into a bus, then into a taxi, and then into my new room! Probably a highlight of the week is that I got to stay in President's house last night! HOT SHOWER!!!
White elephant gift exchange for the district. Hermana Shumway gave away chicken feet and HOLY COW they smelled so bad!
So anyway my new area is right in the city, its called Miguel Grau and I've only heard good things! My new comp is Hermana Arce and this is her very last transfer. She is from Paraguay, super sweet and awesome. My room on the other hand.... Yikes... Our new room is disgusting and we have a huge bug problem. There are tiny fruit flies EVERYWHERE! Off to go buy bleach and bug killer.
counting down the days until I get to see my family's faces!!!!!
Top:More photos from the party...Hermana Spainhower and ? (Hannah didn't caption this one)
Bottom: We aren't exactly used to air conditioning...

Funerals in Peru

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