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Week 54 Adios Tumbes :( August 22, 2016

This little boy with Down syndrome has my heart
I've been transferred! (yes I am devastated) I am now an hna leader with Hna Martinez (from Peru) in Talara- (think desert beach)

Fun facts:

1. Latins have the most expressive culture.
Example: When me and Spainhower walk by two people throwing their whole bodies around. Me: "Oh my gosh are they fighting!?" Spainhower: "No listen, they are just talking about the weather.." Me: "oh..."
Culture Dimension number nine is Expressiveness-- neutral versus affective.
In Neutral it is a sign of respect to control your emotions but in affective they express emotions more immediately, openly, and passionately. Latins are super passionate. I get a big kick out of it and love practicing my impressions. (;
2. Latins in the US would probably be considered racist...
If he's black you call him negro, if she's white she's colorada, if his eyes are a little bit Chinese looking his name is chino. If you re fat, tall, short, skinny... you are named accordingly!
3. There are five types of Dengue. Recently Elder Cloninger got lucky and became sick with the most dangerous type. He bled nonstop from his gums and nose and was hospitalized for 5 days. His platelet level was down to 70,000 (normal is 150,000) Don't worry missionary moms! Missionaries are crazy resilient (;
Singing and playing the uke with the legendary German!
This week was AMAZING!!

We have been teaching Hermano Harold frequently. Background info: Years ago Harold went out for a walk one Sunday morning, he felt inclined to walk in front of the Mormon Church. While passing, a member motioned for him to come in. So he did. Since then he has received the lessons from several different companionships and was almost baptized two other times. Each time at the last minute his work has transferred him to a different area. He recently came back to the church for the first time in almost a year.
Harold is awesome and so humble and nice. We put a baptismal date for the 3rd of September. This week while we were teaching him he informed us that once again his work is transferring him and to a location close to his home town near Lima. Our hearts sank knowing this would be the 3rd time!! So Spainhower my rockstar companion said, "We are getting on our knees right now and you are going to say a prayer and ask God if this is the right thing to do." And so we did. A few days later at the ward activity he pulled us aside and said, "I'm getting baptized on the 3rd." Can I get a HALLELUJAH?

My Last Tumbes Gospel Principles episode.... :(
*The missionaries teaching a lesson on honesty*
Elder: "So what does it mean to be honest?"
German: "well for example, my mom, hasn't come home in three days, she doesn't call. Sin verguenza! (no shame!) Where could she be? I don't know! Probably with some guy out on the street! But don't worry... I'm going to find her.. and we are going to have a talk.."
-Turns out his mother was taken to prison
And that my friends is the epitome of Tumbes!

Every single lesson we teach we commit the investigator, convert, less active to act! To do something! After committing them we promise them blessings. How would anyone ever do anything if they didn't receive some sort of recompense? As representatives of Jesus Christ we promise them whatever we feel is OK. The other day we promised Alver (convert's husband) that if he came to church this week he would earn more money at work then the last. He doesn't come to church in fear of losing too much money. So every time we make a bold promise like that it's always a Carrie Underwood "Jesus take the wheel" kind of moment.
So so sad!! (no one tell Hna Spain that I posted this) (;
To be completely honest I am sad and shocked that I was transferred. At first the thought of Tumbes scared me. But upon arriving I quickly realized that this is not about the place, this is about the people. When I received the call I just felt plain bitter! Six weeks? It was too short. I expressed to Spainhower how sad I was to leave a place where I had come to love the people so fast, and not being able to really establish relationships with a lot of the people. I still feel like they will forget my name tomorrow. But last night the missionaries and members threw the most secretive surprise party and I had no idea. They all popped out from a hidden room with a cute sign and I immediately started crying. Harold who is getting baptized in 2 weeks was super sad to see me go and Belen (my convert) cried and is already planning for when I come back to visit.
My beautiful Belen, an eternal friend.
They shared some sweet words that poured comfort into my heart. I guess we really can't preach "everything happens for a reason" without believing it ourselves. I know everything happens for a reason and I hope to see those reasons in my time here in Talara.

fun fact: when hermanas travel a far distance-- (Tumbes to Sullana to Talara, 6 hours) sometimes there just aren't any other hermanas to travel with you for parts of it... so guess who didn't have a comp for the first time in over a year? Me. how weird is that... even funnier it was just me and Elder Weight (district leader from CCM) on the bus to Talara. That was definitely a first for me! Luckily he is so cool and shared with me everything from all of the deep doctrinal books he reads. He is a genius.

Wish me luck!
con mucho amor
Hermana Ingram
With Hna Glunt and Rodriguez for divisions 
Got transfers? (drowning her sorrows?)
Near, far, wherever you are! The heart will go on
Just my South American model friends...
I cried!! "short and sweet"
Converts Belen and Daniela and future convert Harlod!
Paola and fam! Jean Pierre and Andre and the dog Chato
The best family!!
When ye are in the service of your fellow men...(painting Hna Lazo's nails)
So sad...Spain cried. I love her
He always turned my frown upside down when he blew us kisses for his porch. He kept saying "whiskey" with his big cheesy smile (they say "whiskey" for photos like Americans say "cheese")
Rice fields
Adios Tumbes :( You were an adventure...

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