Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week 36...Out of order April 25, 2016

Dayanna's baptism!
My last week in Miguel Grau... I love that place so much and all of the people there! It was a good last week, we were able to teach a lot of lessons but best of all baptize little Dayanna! That same night there was a big earthquake up in Ecuador that reached all the way to Piura. When we walked to our room everyone was in the streets super freaked out! Leaving Miguel Grau made me realize that if you don't love the people, you don't love your mission! It was a sweet moment saying goodbye to everyone and realizing how many people I have made relationships with.
Saturday night Elder Beidleman called us with transfers. When he said my new companion would be Hermana Sandison I almost started crying I was so happy. I couldn't pin point an exact reason why but Hermana Sandison is my very best friend!

Leaving Miguel Grau was bitter (leaving the people) sweet (going to Hna Sandison)
The wall of Miguel Graus sister missionaries...I had 4 different companions in the same area!
Saying goodbye to Hermana Bertha and her family
The YSL's threw me a surprise farewell (:
Hermana Aida is the funniest, most selfless, patient, kind Peruvian I know.
Me: "Oh wow...that soup looks, ummm delicious?" Aida: "That's the soup for the dogs" *huge sigh of relief*
When little Ian got baptized, I got to speak at his baptism!
Hermana Marilyn is full of little one liners in English and she makes me laugh so hard! (Hna Aida's daughter)
After a hard day's work! (notice lipstick on my cheek from a woman kissing me 15 min before in a lesson)
Just a few quick alterations with...the stapler... (before the baptism)
After church meetings
Hermano Raul, our mission leader!
In the city! (talented Hermana Aida made me that dress)

I love Hermana Bobbio!

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