Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 33 Feliz Semana Santa! March 28, 2016

The District Hermanas at Pinkberry! w/ Hermanas Thomas (Ogden),  Dionicio (Cali), Dorado (Puno)
Feliz Semana Santa! (Happy Easter)
First, Birthday shout out to Harrison! 17! Your last year as a kid so disfrutalo! (enjoy it)

This week we had a holiday, celebrating Christ! Unfortunately, What did everyone do on this Christ centered celebration? Get together and get drunk. Hermana Aida likes to call it Semana Tranca because of all the drinking. The procession close to our room was crazy! My companion wanted to get out of there but of course I had to take pictures. Everyone marches around with statues of Senor Cautivo and they recite prayers. Its pretty interesting!
Acting out Christ being crucified.
Processions! Right in the middle there is a big statue of Se├▒or Cautivo that they're carrying around.
This week we met a lady in our area named Bertha. She just moved her with her family from Chiclayo and has been a member for 2 years. This last year she has been completely inactive and her 9 year old daughter Dayana isn't baptized! So we got them to come to church yesterday and Dayanas baptismal date is April 16th! They have a great family.

Manuel is the greatest! For the first time ever he showed up to church in black slacks a white shirt and a tie! I commented on it and he responded by saying "progress" How true! His goal for receiving the priesthood is April 16th! So awesome to see the difference in him.
A painting of Miguel Grau in the museum. (A war hero) Hermana Thomas and I were wondering why he has his hand on his stomach. We both agreed he was saying, "Please, NO MORE RICE!" (:
My companion and I ate the worst food in my whole mission yesterday.. I still am not sure exactly what it was but I wanted to puke! There was a little boy sitting next to me and I almost tried discretely shoveling my food onto his plate. Poor kid didn't like the food too much either. (:

Coming up on 8 months! Love you all so much!
Hermana Ingram
Chicken delivery arrived just in time and covered in flies too! It reminded me that I'm in a 3rd world country.
 I love Hermana Thomas! I hope we get to be companions one day (: She is hilarious!
The district with Miguel Grau. The Elders: Biedleman (Cali), Dilascio (Argentina), Norman (Morgan, UT), and Cachura (Cusco)
Just a little love from home.

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