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Week 30 (week 6 of transfer 4) March 7, 2014

Manuel's baptism!! With Hermano Raul who is our ward mission leader

Friday night it rained... and hard too. In the afternoon we left with hna aida to teach a cute little family. Their mom is a little difficult and lacks a lot of faith, but we are working on it! When we left it was pouring rain. The streets had turned into rivers. We had to flag down a moto just to help us cross the street! As we were walking back to Hna Aida's house we passed by the street that also works as a drain. It was FULL!
The street that turned into a river!
My comp and I ran down the side of the "river" to watch cars and motos attempt to cross. Meanwhile Hna Aida sprinted to her house to save everything from getting destroyed. We later went back to help her bail water out of her roof (all of the roofs are flat here and collect rain water like a swimming pool) So we spent about 2 hours sweeping away water onto the ground below.
Botando el agua el techo de Hna Aida!
At 8 o'clock in the church we had our very last lesson planned with hno manuel before his baptism. But with the rain we both knew it wasn't going to happen. Long story short Hno Manuel practically swam to hna aidas house to have his last lesson! It was awesome. We read about the people of ammon and when they became converted to the Lord they buried their weapons of war. I related that to him and his baptism. That from here on out all of his bad habits or bad decisions will be buried deep in the ground and he can truly be converted to the Lord. He bore a strong testimony about how much he has changed. After the lesson the light went out in all of our area! so we practically swam home in the dark with trees falling along the roads. It was an adventure if you ask me.
And the next day Manuel was baptized.. Woo hoo!

Hna Mauricio completed her 4 months as a mini missionary and went home this morning. My new companion is Hermana Dorado from Puno! She is from my same group at the CCM and is awesome.

Miss everyone so much!
Hermana Ingram
Happy and content eating cold ice cream in the cold rain. I sure do miss the cold!
Amazed by the amount of water!
Hermana Aida when the lights went out! She was a little scared :)
Brave cars that ended up getting stuck.

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