Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 15 The Glamorous Life of a Missionary November 23, 2015

Dont worry Im not coming home (; Just flying to lima to pickup my visa!
So a lot of things happened this week but I don't know... I just don't really feel like writing them all. Sometimes I write them out and then erase them because I don't think anyone is going to want to read it, ( I-(Hannah's mom- tried to assure her that we are extremely interested in everything she has to say) For example my area is on the downhill.. the whole zone came to help us Saturday night to recruit people to come to church, 20 missionaries and nothing happened, my pensionista found 8 dead giant rats in her living room under rice sacks... we had a lesson with Isaura and Jorge and everything with them completely fell apart. It's super sad because Helen wants this so bad for herself and her family but we can't force them on the correct path. My companion just sat on the curb after the lesson and cried and I realized how mentally and emotionally draining being a missionary is. I saw an owl sitting on a sidewalk this morning and it was so pretty, when I got closer I saw that someone had tortured it and jabbed its eyes out, it was sitting there bleeding and helpless, people kept poking it to see if it was alive and it was, it was so sad to see it made me cry. Also I have gained like 10 pounds so I'm fat. But don't worry, I'm staying positive!
Subway exists in Lima! Best meal ever and it was COLD in Lima...a great break from the scorching hot sun in Piura.

We cleaned the Capilla on Saturday, The glamorous life of a missionary..

Finally got around to taking pictures of my apartment! The white building is ours, also pictured is a typical tacky mototaxi

Here you can see our kitchen. We really have one of the nicest rooms in the mission I think. Also, my chocolate no-bake cookies are a huge hit and I'm sure I'll be making them my whole mission. (In my ugly PJ dress)

Selfie stick picture out our window because there was a parade below.
And snuck a pic during planning ;)

Squished in a combo with our whole zone on the way to th ebig soccer tournament with 8-ish different zones and president! Best Activity Ever!!! (Sadly I spaced taking more pics....and we lost the final game to a PK in over-time)

My favorite Hermanas ever! Hermana Thomas and Hermana Shumway.

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