Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 14 November 16, 2015

My companion gave me a tour of the Catholic church today. It was pretty intense...they love their statues.
This whole week was spent walking hours on end going to appointments only to find that everyone "didn't have time" There was a straight two days where every single one of our appointments fell through. Near the end of the second day I sat down on a curb in frustration. I asked my companion what we were doing wrong and explained the pressure I felt to get a baptism by Dec 12th (the goal for our zone). She pretty much just laid into me, "Is that why you came to Peru? To baptize people? What good did baptism ever do for Raul? Or Estrella? (Converts of a year who are completely inactive). Then she continued on with a lecture until I just said "okay okay you're right, lets go knock doors" She really made me think about why I am here. I guess if all I did on my mission was learn to be obedient, or patient, or how to work hard, or even to help someone through a hard day... when all is said and done I don't think I would have any regrets. For now I'll just keep working and learning.
Package from home!!! In front of my front door with my almond butter. I was so happy to get that!
Update on the comp:
I love my little fireball Latina companion Hermana Apeña! I taught her how to say "I am chubby" Now When we are walking down the streets in the hot sun I can say "Hermana Apeña, what are you?" and my comp can respond with "I am chubby, wait hermana Ingram is it chooby or chubby?" ¨"Its chubby Hermana Apeña, good job" I get a kick out of it.

We found some awesome new investigators the other day while knocking doors. A family of four. They were really eager to have us in their home. The mom was really awesome and has a super strong testimony of the power of prayer. Some of her relatives are Mormon and they have really impacted her life. I can see a lot of potential in her especially. At the end of the lesson we had the dad offer the closing prayer. After some pressure he reluctantly agreed. In his prayer he thanked God for "sending two of your virgins to our home" My companion and I both were holding back from laughing. We're missionaries! But I guess if you want to put it that way...

Yesterday I gave my first talk during church! It was a breeze, the topic was missionary work so it can't get any easier than that. I wrote it all out the night before and had my comp correct grammatical errors and then I was set! It was pretty fun to stand in front of the Branch and in a round about way tell them that it was their responsibility to help us with the work. Members are so crucial and we really need more activity from them. 

Yesterday My comp and I got locked out of our apartment, bad news. The owner of the building was out of town and there was no place for us to go! So we went and got the president to help. Yesterday I learned how to open locked doors with a plastic soda bottle... Interesting..
Lunch on a good day....I need more ideas for food!
Miss you all so much! If someone could please send me a cafe rio pork salad that would be great! (;
Hermana Ingram

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