Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 4 Proselyting September 9, 2015

My district at the temple

One whole month down!

So the highlight of this past week was definitely proselyting. Everyone in the Lima CCM gets the opportunity to go proselyting on their 4th week. On saturday we boarded big old dusty tour buses and drove about 45 minutes out to the Lima South Mission. Preparatory to leaving we were told not to wear any jewelry and to dress simple. Apparently Lima South is the most ghetto mission in Lima and there are a lot of areas in that mission where sisters aren't allowed. I'd say Lima south is definitely on the ghetto side. It was a complete concrete jungle and very dirty. No offense to the residents in Lima South but the place was an eye sore. If you made it the whole day without stepping in dog poop it was an accomplishment. There wasn't ever a point where I felt nervous but one of the Latinas seemed to be really protective over my comp and I. She made sure to always walk behind me on the streets and made comments that the Latino men like our blonde hair and light skin. That was very apparent by the amount of catcalling that we were so "happy" to receive. Guys would whistle or make loud kissing and hissing noises, some yelled out of cars "sweetie I love you!" It was irritating to say the least and I always looked straight ahead and pretended to be completely unaware.
Hermana Ingram and Hermana Spainhower
So my comp and I were with 3 Latina missionaries. Two were from the CCM and the other was a sister who had been in the Lima South Mission for 6 months. We spent about 3 hours walking the streets and contacting people or knocking on doors. It was honestly super difficult because I understood maybe 15% of what was said. The spanish at the CCM is not real spanish at all. But I did get to bear my testimony a few times and I only broke out into a small sweat. When our leader missionary looked at me and raised her eyebrows twice I knew I had to start talking and it took a lot of courage because the spotlight is on you and you don't even remember how to say Hola. I was never completely sure as to what the leader missionary was teaching the people so I was afraid to bear my testimony on something and for it to be completely off topic. But I bore my testimony and it came straight from my heart. It doesn't sound as terrifying as it is in reality.
I drew this in my spare time
In a talk given by Elder Holland he stated that the adversary does not have the power to take our lives. When Joseph Smith was praying in the sacred grove to find out which church he should join the adversary would have very much enjoyed taking Joseph's life. But he does not have that power, so he did the next best thing. He bound his tongue so that he could not speak. I know that fear is not from God and that if I do not speak because of fear I am a waste of space in the mission field. So I might just have to steal Hailey's motto and use "20 seconds of insane courage" as my own.

Being able to shadow a sister missionary in the field was an awesome experience but more than anything it was a wake up call. We are definitely babied in the CCM and I don't know how ready I am for the real world in 13 days, but Im excited.

I miss music, the Wasatch front, the view from my house, and being with everyone that I love! Im super happy to be here it's a ton of fun and a lot more work but I love the opportunity I haver to serve.

-Hermana Ingram

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